The Legend of Tenkai


Magic is real. No matter what you hear, or read, magic is real. I’m not talking about card tricks, or the illusions magicians put on. I’m talking about the ability to destroy anything that stands in your way without physically having to touch it, being able read the minds of any person or animal, being able to teleport, or walk through a mall unseen. Its all possible, but only few people can use it.
You know if you have any magic ability by simply looking at your hands. Most people have an I or H and M.¬†Almost everyone either has a combination of any of the three, or two I’s. This means they have no magic ability, nor do then even know it really exists.¬†Those who have two M’s are gifted with magic, they are Wizards. Wizards do more than play with magic, they are a very proud and loyal clan that has protected the earth and its people for thousands of years. At the same time Wizards came intro the world, an opposite clan was made with the soul purpose of hunting and killing Wizards. They are called Hunters. Hunters are identified with having two H’s on their hands. Hunters have no magic ability, but are very gifted warriors, which makes them a very formidable foe against Wizards. Most Wizards can easily kill a Hunter, but since the Hunters clan is over sixty thousand strong, they never fight alone. Hundreds, if not thousands, of years ago the Hunters started the crusades and nearly whipped out all of the Wizards. To this day, the war between the Hunters and Wizards continue. Since most of the fighting is between three and twenty people, the war usually goes unnoticed by the rest of the world.
This is my story of how my life changed forever when I became involved in this war… The war of Night.